Adaptation to climate change

Studying the contribution of the gut microbiota to adaptation to climate change in wall lizards

Microbiota transplants

The effect of the gut microbiota is measured through transplanting gut microorganisms from animals adapted to hot and dry environments to animals adapted to cold and wet environments and exposing them to hot and dry conditions.

Behavioral hologenomics

Understanding the host genomic and microbial metagenomic underpinnings of animal behavior

Experimentation with JAX Diversity Outbred mice

A longitudinal experiment with outbred mice in which the behavioral patterns of the animals are studied in parallel with transcriptomic and microbiota metagenomics in a concatenation of environmental stressors.

Gut microbiota dynamics 

Studying gut microbiota dynamics responding to environmental changes in multiple wild species

Experimentation with mice and shrews

A longitudinal experiment in which the gut microbiota dynamics of different animal species are studied in a common garden experiment with temperature, humidity and dietary variation.

Housing impact on the microbiota

Research on the effect of housing conditions in the microbiota of animals 

Contrasting common laboratory vs. nature-like set-ups

A longitudinal analysis on the effect of housing conditions, environmental enrichment and access to environmental microbes in the microbiota of wild animals.

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